Dr Galentin Gatev
*1960, Teteven. Lives in Sofia.

Motor Engines with a Regional Purpose, Evidence. - 1998 (mixed media)
Photographic Documentation and Archive of Manifesta 2:
Roman Mensing, Münster

Motor Engines with a Regional Purpose, Evidence. - 1998 (mixed media)

Over a period of several months Dr Galentin Gatev has been following the journey of four priests in the Botevgrad region situated 60 km from Sofia. He filmed their journey, as well as various problems linked to their vehicles' technical deficiencies, then select excerpts to be shown in the installation called "Motor Engines with a Regional Purpose. Evidence. - 1998".
The installation covers several spots of the underground car park "Parking Rocade". It consists of a video projection, a thematic evocation of the icon, as well as a dummy representing a priest on a motorbike caught in perpetual rotation.
The iconic screen separates the sacred from the profane space, the art sphere from its perception. It isolates the priest from his flock. The artist is concerned with metaphors which in this particular case are used excessively. Dr Galentin Gatev is a renowned doctor (oncodermatology). Before curating exhibitions, he collected contemporary art, then became an artist reflecting the "daily madness" of life in a post-communist country. The artist explains that nowadays in Bulgaria, only two groups of people use individual transport: businessmen and priests; since the latter lack money to buy themselves functioning vehicles they are frequently compelled to repair their engines in the open field.

Parking Rocade (near the cash booths)

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