Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
*1965, Strasbourg. Lives in Paris.

Home Cinema Lux, 1998 (mixed media)
Photographic Documentation and Archive of Manifesta 2:
Roman Mensing, Münster

Home Cinema Lux, 1998 (mixed media)

A curtain, a carpet, a television set; such apposite elements creating a hushed ambience define the framework of a space designed for living and watching films. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster questions the relationships between fictional and domestic space and attempts to erase their respective limits so as to encourage exchange and assimilate the viewer with one of the protagonists. The recreated domestic space becomes fictional and the film on display concedes a large space to autobiography.
Her work for Manifesta 2 has two origins: the phenomenon of the "home movie", these huge television sets transforming a private apartment into a movie theatre, as well as the common confusion reigning in Paris as regards to distinguishing between the City of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) located in the heart of Paris. The television set shows images of the Luxembourg gardens. "Luxembourg" conveys a particular personal meaning to the artist who deliberately chose these gardens: Luxembourg in Paris and Paris in Luxembourg. Fiction and reality manifest themselves in the least expected places, and this inverted role playing intends to reduce, if not to abolish, the distance separating them.

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