Carsten Höller
*1961, Brussels. Lives in Cologne.

Joining forces, 1998 (mixed media)
Photographic Documentation and Archive of Manifesta 2:
Roman Mensing, Münster

Joining forces, 1998 (mixed media)

When entering the Casino Luxembourg, the visitor meets the installation of Carsten Höller face to face. The artist has created a huge multifunctional structure on wheels which can be moved to any appropriate place in the exhibition. Carsten Höller's sculpture is at once a coat stand, portal and signpost. Like a neon sign, a great many light bulbs display the word "Manifesta".
Carsten Höller is a conceptual artist and biologist. At first sight, his mobile installation has one function which is that of a coat stand. But at the same time the almost unreadable light signal leads to confusion: could it be a signpost? The confusion triggered by the dual function of the "sculpture" reflects the polysemy of contemporary artistic concepts.
Carsten Höller's work is also a reflection on the role played by the individual artist within the framework of a big international exhibition. It conveys the idea that each work of art always has to contribute to the furnishing of a museum, and that the artist, whether on purpose or not, always promotes the exhibition in which he is taking part.

Casino Luxembourg

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