Inessa Josing
*1964, Tallinn. Lives in Tallinn.

Healthy window, 1998 (Café Bella Vita)Sale is uniting people, 1998 (La Bourse)What must I do to be saved?, 1998 (Epoque)(installation in situ)
Photographic Documentation and Archive of Manifesta 2:
Roman Mensing, Münster

Healthy window, 1998 (Café Bella Vita)
Sale is uniting people, 1998 (La Bourse)
What must I do to be saved?, 1998 (Epoque)
(installation in situ)

Inessa Josing uses her skills as a trained window dresser and interior decorator to exhibit her artistic work in her native town Tallinn. She stages interventions in windows with the consent of shop owners, using the merchandise meant for sale and rearranging the window dummies in different settings. She tackles conventional decorating practices by enhancing them with a fair amount of eccentricity and provocation, as well as by adding excessively kitsch elements. So, she reaches beyond extravagant aesthetics and commonplace standardisation, focusing her research on subjects such as sexuality, religion or politics. She discloses the unconscious schemes of seduction used by advertisements, mass communications and the media.
She takes into consideration the ephemeral character of all artistic work displayed in a shop window, as well as the process of fashion and that of changes inherent in such "street art".

A la Bourse, Grand' Rue / rue du Curé Grand' Rue; Epoque, rue Philippe II; Café Bella Vita, rue Notre-Dame

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