Marko Peljhan
*1969, Nova Gorica. Lives in Ljubljana.

Operation Est Sundown, 1998 (mixed media)
Operation Est Sundown, 1998 (mixed media)

Marko Peljhan is one of the major artists who extensively probe the Internet network to explore ever new artistic possibilities. For Manifesta 2 he has conceived "Operation Est Sundown" offering access, information and data which, without the subversive use of Internet, would remain inaccessible to any artist.
Luxembourg is one of the major historic fortresses of Europe. Its history has been shaped by its military function. In one part of his work, Marko Peljhan makes this function topical by offering the visitor of the exhibition detailed information on how to conquer Luxembourg today militarily.
Another part of his work takes up Luxembourg's function as the central flight control station for Europe, which, likewise, stems from the country's military history. The cockpit conversations of the planes overflying the city of Luxembourg are transmitted to the exhibition.
In the Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Marko Peljhan infiltrates the museum's computer system with specific data the visitor can read back from the interactive screens. The multiplicity of the directives immediately puts the visitor face to face with the inconceivable complexity of current geopolitics and worldwide military networks.

Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Parcours Wenceslas (Corniche)

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