Tobias Rehberger
*1966, Esslingen. Lives in Frankfurt.

Within view of seeing (perspectives and the Prouvé) (installation in situ)
Photographic Documentation and Archive of Manifesta 2:
Roman Mensing, Münster

Within view of seeing (perspectives and the Prouvé) (installation in situ), 1998

Opposite the "Aquarium", the Casino Luxembourg's veranda built in 1958 after Jean Prouvé's plans, Tobias Rehberger transforms a prominent platform into a flower garden. The rigid planting structure strongly contrasts with the ephemeral character of the arrangements. Seen from above, the flat and carefully arranged flower beds convey the idea of a painting.
In fact, Tobias Rehberger's works analyse the fields of painting and sculpture often as hybrid forms and their relationship with design. The flower beds and the bench have been conceived according to this particular location. They refer to the steel girders of Jean Prouvé's "Aquarium".
Rehberger's installation aims at offering the visitor a place of calm and rest, the opportunity to relax on a bench in the middle of greenery. The time-bound modification of the place is an attempt to shift the angle of perception. The viewer's look is both guided to the plunging view of the Pétrusse valley and the "Aquarium's" veranda displaying Bert Theis's permanent work "Le Domaine de Marcel et Joseph". Here starts the dialogue between the two works, between these two places of calm and rest. Boulevard Roosevelt

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