Nebosja Soba Seric
*1968, Sarajevo. Lives in Sarajevo.

(mixed media)
(mixed media), 1998

Nebosja Soba Seric is a key figure on the young artistic scene in Sarajevo which has been flourishing since the end of the war in Bosnia.
His work for Manifesta 2 refers to the history of the Villa Vauban in Luxembourg which served as the residency of the Grand Duke and Duchess during the restoration of the grand ducal palace. In the garden of the Villa auban stands a leftover prop which used to carry a gate. The prop still holds the former safety lock. On both sides of the now vanished gate Nebosja Soba Seric has installed glass boxes each containing a gilded key. The keys can be used to open the lock, but it leads nowhere.
In the same spirit, he has placed a door handle in the C.P.C.A. in Bonnevoie which does not lead anywhere either.
In the same fashion the artist has fixed a mailbox slot on one of the walls of the Casino Luxembourg that usually has paintings on it. Although the slot fulfils its function it leads nowhere. His interventions are metaphors referring to the artist's experiences in his hometown. His installation in the Casino Luxembourg alludes to the fact that at present mailbox slots are no longer to be found in the shops of Sarajevo.

Villa Vauban; Casino Luxembourg; C.P.C.A. 12, rue du Puits, Bonnevoie

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