Gitte Villesen
*1965, Ansager. Lives in Copenhague.

Kathrine makes them and Bent collects them, 1998 (mixed media)

The Danish artist Gitte Villesen works in the framework of neo-conceptual trends that call into question hidden social issues by taking on sociological or documentary forms.
Her work was specially conceived for Manifesta 2 and contains autobiographical references. The artist remembers a striking event which happened when she was fifteen years old. At the time a relative told her that she would be married at the age of 29, that she would have children and a secure job, and that art to her would be nothing more than a mere hobby. On the occasion of Manifesta 2 she has contacted this particular person to tell him that she was now over 29, that she was still neither married nor had any children and had made of art a full-time job and her only source of income. She has interviewed this person and portrayed him, analysing the reasons and causes that explain what drives a person, be it now or fifteen years ago, to make such a statement.
Around her video projection the artist has conceived an installation composed of objects and furniture. Her work is based on feminist and emancipatory values that, in this particular context, can be expressed through art. However, seen from an artistic point of view, her work revives the painterly tradition.

Musée national d'histoire et d'art

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